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You must purchase the card in order to become a network member and enjoy all of the network’s privileges!

Purchasing the membership card entitles you to a new service offering alternative tourism on Kalymnos. That service ensures quality holidays on Kalymnos, discounts and wholesale prices, unlimited information about your destination, a free-of-charge rescue service, smartphone applications, and much, much more.

By purchasing the card and becoming a member you are supporting the Volunteer Rescue Team and the operation of the Kalymnos Rescue Service which handles accidents and mishaps on climbing locations and trails. If you are a climber that is of immediate interest to you.

Learn all about the network’s businesses. Find out about the discounts and privileges you are entitled to once you have purchased the card.

alternet Card ~ Rescue

card rescue

alternetCard ~ Rescue is the first and basic services package we designed for Kalymnos visitors who, in their majority, are climbers and are rarely interested in any other form of activity. Climbers wish to devote as much of their time as possible to climbing, the main reason why they are on the island.

It offers card holders special prices with all network businesses and a wealth of other privileges. But, mainly, through this card, card holders are entitled to free-of-charge rescue service.

Terms of card purchase and use...

The card is in the name of its holder. It cannot be transferred or lent out to third parties. The card’s privileges are offered exclusively to its holders and cannot be shared with other parties accompanying holders, including spouses.

Card holders must always present their I.D. together with their card so that they may benefit from the privileges they are entitled to. Card holders who do not carry their card on their person cannot ask proprietors for a discount. Card holders who lose their card can easily replace it by declaring its loss to the program’s administrators.


Children under 14 share the rights and privileges of their parents - card holders without any extra charge provided they are accompanied by the parents - card holders.

Young people 15 and/or older are no longer considered children. If they are interested in the membership card’s privileges they must purchase it at the special price of €15 reserved for young people under 25. The young belonging to that age group have a special discount as they are considered to be a group of no or low income. That special price is valid for one (1) month only.

Depending on the card’s validity period; and the age of those interested in acquiring it, membership fees are as follows...


15 days

30 days

365 days

Adults €15 shopping cart €25 shopping cart €80 shopping cart
Young people 15 - 25 €10 shopping cart €15 shopping cart    
Children 0 - 14 Free

Charge for each additional month of renewal... €15

Interested in purchasing the card? Please note that from late November to late March, the number of services you can benefit from drops considerably.

Still, for certain visitor categories purchase of the membership card may still be of interest during that period.

alternet Card ~ Experience

card experienceThe alternet Card ~ Experience is the second package of tourism services. It concerns all visitors regardless of the way they reach Kalymnos (independently or in a tour). The package offers visitors the opportunity to add even more interests to their holidays on a weekly basis. Participation costs are either nominal or none.

The goal of this services package is to give visitors the opportunity to discover another side of vacationing on Kalymnos through diverse activities offered by accredited and flawlessly trained collaborators. Such activities are hiking under the care of a qualified mountain guide, Pilates lessons by a specialized gymnast, traditional dancing taught by a dance trainer, and more.

The package’s card must be renewed on a weekly basis. Corresponding weekly costs and services will be announced in February 2014.

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